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Pre-Owned SUV Inventory Available at Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury


You don't have to buy new in order to enjoy luxury SUVs when you consider our high-quality pre-owned SUV inventory. Many choose to buy or lease pre-owned because of the many cost-saving benefits, and when you come to Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury, you will find even more advantages.

If you want to save on your next SUV while still having access to a vehicle in excellent condition, our pre-owned inventory is a great option. By choosing our pre-owned SUV inventory, you will have more variety, lower costs, and a higher level of assurance and transparency than you may have known was possible.

Find out all the advantages of buying a pre-owned SUV from us.

Affordable Pricing and Cost of Owning


The first place where you can expect savings in our pre-owned selection is simply at the starting price. Since pre-owned vehicles have had an owner, or owners, in the past, their value isn't what it was when it was considered new. This allows for the price to be low enough that many can afford a wider range of pre-owned SUVs than you would if you bought new.

Some drivers might be wondering, if the vehicle has lost value by having previous owners, does that mean that there's something wrong with it? The reality is that many new vehicles lose their value dramatically at the beginning of ownership because of depreciation. Since it's no longer considered new, it no longer has the added value of being new.

However, pre-owned vehicles have a steadier rate of depreciation, meaning that if or when you choose to sell a pre-owned vehicle, you will likely be able to get a value that is closer to what you paid for it. Your cost of ownership will also be lower because insurance rates for a pre-owned car are generally lower than they are for new vehicles.

Buying new is a unique experience, especially for those that choose Mercedes-Benz, but if you're more interested in saving on your next SUV and don't mind not having the latest features, then our pre-owned SUV could be the answer. It makes sense that if you want a luxury SUV for your family needs, then a reduced price could be extremely useful.

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