Shoppers can find and finance a new Mercedes-Benz in Shrewsbury, MA. At Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury, we want to make the process of paying for a new car easy and worry-free. Shoppers can start their deal online and get approved for an auto loan as they shop from home. Let us discuss how to start the financing process and why buying through our dealership makes the most sense. Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury proudly serves the greater Boston, MA area.

Benefits of Financing a new Mercedes-Benz

Financing a new Mercedes-Benz through an auto loan is a great payment solution for drivers who have their mindset on one particular new or used car that they want to make their own for life! In an auto loan, you make monthly payments to an external source, usually a bank or lending institution, while making a down payment when you first sign your deal at our dealership. As long as you make payments on time, you will see your credit strengthened as you build equity. Once the full balance of the car gets paid in full, you can consider it yours to do with as you choose!

Auto loans also have the advantage of being less restrictive than lease deals. A lease agreement sets caps on annual mileage, so this is not a recommended solution for drivers who drive further distances or wish to participate in ride-sharing programs like Uber or Lyft. Lease agreements also place restrictions on the number of upgrades and customizations you can make to the vehicle, with often severe financial penalties assigned when the mileage gets exceeded or when making alterations to the car. There are no such restrictions with an auto loan, and shoppers can customize the vehicle and drive it wherever they like, so long as loan payments get completed on time.

How to Start the Financing Process Online

You can start the process of financing a new Mercedes-Benz from your home in Westborough, MA, when you fill out our credit application through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Our finance application uses information about your housing, employment, bank, and co-signer data (if applicable) to evaluate your qualifications for a loan deal. Depending on your credit and financial situation, you may qualify for low APR financing deals, bonuses, and other types of financing specials we offer to qualified buyers. The application is a secure way to get approved for credit financing and keeps all of your data, as well as that of your co-signer, encrypted, never to be disclosed to outside parties without your prior authorization.

Before you visit our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Shrewsbury, MA, we encourage you to check out all the other online tools we have to kick start the financing process. Your trade can save you a great deal and may even eliminate the need for a down payment, so we encourage you to get your old car appraised online using our free Kelley Blue Book form.

We also have a payment calculator that allows you to see what you can expect monthly. Use the payment calculator and enter your desired down payment range, APR, and loan term length, all of which can affect your monthly payment rate. Generally, the more you can put up for a down payment now, and the shorter loan term length you choose, the quicker you will get your Mercedes-Benz paid off. If you would prefer smaller monthly payments, you can opt for a longer loan term length, as you choose.

Taking the Next Steps

When you submit your finance application, our team will evaluate it and send you approval to your computer in Worcester, MA. The application should get processed within a few minutes if applied during regular business hours. Our finance team will contact you about visiting our dealership for a test drive. When you arrive, and the new Mercedes-Benz you choose is exactly what you want, then you will need to finalize everything, sign a final deal sheet, and take the keys to your next new Mercedes-Benz or used car! While you're at our dealership, we will have an on-site appraiser to confirm your trade-in value and make you a cash offer on the spot.

Start Financing Online Today

Financing a new Mercedes-Benz or used car might seem like a daunting process, but it does not have to be. We invite you to start your deal online and apply for financing today through Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury. When you're ready to check out your new Mercedes-Benz up close, schedule a test drive and visit our dealership at 760 Boston Turnpike Rd to sit down with a financing representative. Burlington, MA drivers, will find our dealership just a short 45-minute drive away from their hometown. We look forward to working with you!

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