Everyone remembers the joy of Christmas Morning from their childhood. Slowly creeping out of your room periodically to look under the tree to see what paper wrapped treasures were nestled under the tree to making sure Santa Claus had stopped by to have some of your cookies. After minimal planning or disregard for your parent's sleep patterns, it came time to wake them up. The paper would be flying as you tore apart their hours and hours of wrapping and your parents sat and watched with glee as your face would light up with each Christmas surprise. 

It goes with out say that the holidays, namely Christmas are associated with toys, huge sales and surprises. What if we told you that toys, huge holiday rushes and surprises are still in your midst in your adult life. Behold the Mercedes-Benz Winter Event! With incredible offers from Mercedes-Benz, this is sure to be a great Holiday Season! 

Why does it pay to be an early riser you ask, well aside from having the whole morning, there could be something great waiting for you out in your coming day! See the Mercedes-Benz commercial below and see the magic of Christmas for yourself! 

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