July 14, 2014- The Haven Country Club; Boylston MA : Mark and David Ungerer Golf Tournament


"It's about knowing what your normal is" said Susan Cyr as we sat down at The Haven Country Club in Boylston. Cyr, speaking in regards to cancer symptoms and early diagnosis, further explained that there needs to be more awareness among the community when it comes to early detection. Her organization does just that. The 15-40 Connection is an organization that promotes early cancer detection in people aged 15-40. This demographic is of the utmost importance as the age group has not shown substantial improvement in cancer survival since 1975.  Through speaking at high schools, colleges and work places, 15-40 connection has promoted and educated thousands of people on the importance and necessity for early detection efforts.

Today was a special day for them indeed as it was their second event of their biggest fundraising weekend of the year. Last night, a gala was hosted at St. John's High School. Auction items were generously donated by dozens of local organizations and companies with proceeds all going back to the 15-40 Connection. Wagner Motor Group, a 15 year sponsor of 15-40 Connection,  donated items and services such as a 2 year lease of a multitude of vehicles, an Audi track day and handling course out in Sonoma, California and other generous contributions. At both The Haven Country Club in Boylston, and the Worcester Country club, the generosity and philanthropic spirit continued as 224 golfers came to show their support for the organization. Wagner showed their support further by sponsoring a hole-in-one competitions at both golf courses. If one of the golfers shot a hole-in-one, the winner would win a new car donated by the Wagner Motor  Group.

For the past 15 years, the Wagner family has "always been at the Mark and David Ungerer Tournament" Cyr said. Wagner Motors also continues to promote this organization by placing the 15-40 Connection decal on many of their cars.

With successful fundraising events and a bright future ahead, 15-40 Connections plans to expand their presence through social media and community events. They also are hoping to become nationwide in the coming years. With the help of the Wagner Family and other generous contributors, 15-40 Connection will continue to spread their mission across the country.