Mercedes-Benz has always been a very popular car brand, but some of the models this company produces have been among the best-selling cars in the world in years of late. Mercedes-Benz provides drivers with that unique combination of luxury and affordability that has proven to be irresistible to luxury enthusiasts.

With lavish wood-paneled interiors that are refined to the hilt and exceptional driver-assist features, it's easy to understand why these new Mercedes-Benz models are flying off our lot here at Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury.

Another popular production vehicle being manufactured by Mercedes-Benz is the compact and sporty GLA SUV. This vehicle has proven to be quite attractive since it represents a unique blending of classic SUV features with traditional sedan components. A spacious interior makes it superior to many sedans and coupes on the market, while its turbo-powered engine provides drivers in Shrewsbury with an affordable, yet nonetheless exhilarating luxury experience.

Another popular model driver in Shrewsbury will absolutely love is the C-Class Coupe. This beautiful two-door Mercedes features all the hallmarks of a traditional luxury vehicle with refined interiors of the highest order combined with outstanding features that will make daily driving completely enjoyable. For instance, the C-Class Coupe has an optional 4-MATIC all-wheel-drive system that sends power to the wheels with the most grip on the road. Thus, Mercedes-Benz drivers love to cruise around town in this vehicle in the wintertime since it allows them to tackle the road with confidence. Even under dry conditions, this vehicle provides outstanding performance around every bend. Plus, it comes with a highly efficient engine that outputs a tremendous amount of power without wasting fuel. Up to 31 miles per gallon may be achieved in this sporty coupe.

One very popular vehicle in the latest Mercedes-Benz lineup is one you would almost certainly recognize in an instant. The immensely spacious G-Class SUV represents the height of luxury and elegance by offering more interior space than any other standard vehicle offered by Mercedes today. Its highly refined cockpit is truly state-of-the-art, and it features a massive 12.3-inch display that will keep you constantly connected with the outside world.

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