Check Out the New A-Class at Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury

When it comes to advanced vehicle technology, Mercedes-Benz is always at the forefront of innovation. For the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the legendary German manufacturer has included a number of state-of-the-art tech features that serve to make the A-Class one of the most advanced cars for sale in the Shrewsbury, MA area.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience

Ushering in this new generation of advanced technology is the Mercedes-Benz User Experience. Highly capable, incredibly natural, and wonderfully intuitive, this speech interface learns you for an experience that is second to none.

A touchscreen dash, instrument cluster, console, and touch control buttons on the steering wheel give the A-Class an incredibly futuristic interior look, and with good reason. This suite of advanced driver technologies goes further than ever before to make your life behind the wheel as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Rather than using a series of rigid and formal voice commands to activate the system, you can talk to your new A-Class as if it were a friend sitting next to you. Just say “It’s awfully warm in here” and the A-Class will adjust the temperature, or “I’m getting hungry”, and it can call up the Navigation and help you find a restaurant. And over time the system gets to know you, so it becomes even more intuitive the longer you drive it.

Mercedes Me Connect

If you’ve ever been in the mall when it suddenly started raining, you know how unnerving it is not being able to remember whether or not your windows are still open. With Mercedes Me Connect you can see your vehicle status, lock and unlock doors, and even schedule a service appointment right from your phone.

Experience the A-Class Today

Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury currently has A-Class models available, and they truly need to be driven to be fully appreciated. Visit our dealership today and get to know the future of driver technology.

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